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Here at Westwood Care Group we are committed to providing highly accessible web content to all, including those with disabilities. Our website has been designed following accessibility best practices and is suitable for use by screen reader technology.

How We Assess Accessibility

We use the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 as the standard to which we assess our websites compatibility against. This standard provides set criteria that should be achieved for various levels of compliance.

You can find more information on WCAG 2.0 here.

Accessibility Conformance

Our website conforms to Level A of the WCAG 2.0. Our website also complies with many of the requirements of Level AA and some of the requirements of Level AAA.

Whilst we strive to ensure our website meets Level A of the WCAG 2.0, there may be situations where some of the guidelines of this standard have not been met. Our latest checks show that the website does conform to Level A of WCAG 2.0.

Further Help

Should you experience any difficulty in accessing the information you require then please contact us to make us aware of the problem. Where possible we will provide a fix for the problem, or alternatively, we will provide the information you require via an alternate means.